Recycled Shipping Container Homes – Works of Art?

cont homeWhat are container homes?

Container homes are homes made from recycled shipping containers. Because of the structural strength of shipping containers, such home are durable, low maintenance compared to expenses associated with a typical brick and mortar home.

While the archetypal container home is a cheap and mundane structure lacking the character and imposing nature of the stone edifices that are ordinary homes, some architectural designers are turning the concept right on its head with some inspirational and artful designs. As such, it is not only those scraping to get by who are opting for container homes but some of the most  well-to-do in society who want to take the idea of a home to the next level.

It is estimated that there are well over 24 million containers around the world which will never be used again for transporting cargo. Shipping companies usually retire their modular containers after about ten to fifteen years of use. However, their robust construction means they can be put to good use for about double that time. When they are refurbished and converted to a home with the added protection of painting and roofing, their durability is as good as that of any other housing material.

It is this versatility of use which has contributed to the popularity of shipping containers as objects of choice when it comes to modular homes. You can check out some of the container options for your next modular home at Buy Conex Containers.

Container Homes as Works of Art

Shipping containers are hardy and regular shaped structures which provide the imaginative architect with arguably infinite ideas for artistic homes. Their symmetrical shape means they can be stacked in different angles to give roomy and yet artistically conceptualized homes. The most innovative artistic container homes are made from stacking, rejiggering and interlinking the rugged containers into eye-catching designs which anyone would be proud to call home.


Advantages of Container Homes over Typical Homes

1. Durable and Strong

Shipping containers are made to be durable and strong enough to withstand the roughest kind of conditions. They are designed to carry heavy loads and protect the contents from harm through harsh weather conditions as well as the corrosive sea water as they are transported aboard shipping vessels.  They are also built to withstand enormous structural pressure With these inherent qualities, they are perfectly suited to become building blocks for a home.

2. Modular Structures

As all shipping containers are made to standard dimensions, they are ready made to fit in with the requirements of homes. The height of these containers is just right to cater for a room and with little modifications here and there, they can prove surprisingly roomy and comfortable. Indeed, adding to the construction is as easy as stacking more containers to the existing structure.

3. Cheap and Readily Available

When it comes to availability and cost of acquisition, shipping containers are way ahead of comparable materials such as bricks or wood. Moreover, shipping containers are already in the right shape and structure and require very little labor to fashion them to livable quarters.


Tips for Choosing Engagement Rings Online

engagementI love jewelries and I love browsing jewelry stores online especially rings and earrings. With so many beautiful styles and designs to choose from, you’ll surely find a hard time finding choosing which one has the best design.

My brother wants to propose to his girlfriend of three years. He came to me and asked for help to find a designer engagement ring. Let’s face it. The whole idea of shopping for engagement ring is terrifying to a lot of guys. Jewelry stores are foreign lands to many guys that they’d just do anything not to set foot in one.

Because of my busy schedule, I found out that I can shop for jewelries online but only with reputable jewelry stores. So I told my brother that we should browse online for designer engagement rings. It’s more convenient than visiting several stores at a time. You can save a lot of time and money too since all you have to do is to browse a wide range of rings and compare the prices from retailers.

Several websites also offer live customer chat; therefore, you won’t have to worry if you need something from them.

There are some things to consider when shopping online for engagement rings. This is a really huge investment and shopping online have its risks, therefore you need to protect yourself and take the necessary steps.

Know your budget. This is the most important thing here. I use to really over spend while eating out at restaurants in Saskatoon, but since I started being more budget conscious I have been much better about being frugal while I order.

Figure out what you can only afford before you even start shopping. They say that you need to spend about two months’ salary for an engagement ring. But the choice is really yours. Be realistic. You don’t have to bury yourself in debt just to give the girl of your dreams the biggest diamond.

The last thing that you want is to get scammed online. There are so many unscrupulous individuals these days that are using the internet for their own personal gain. Buy only from reputable stores and make sure they offer a quality assurance and a money-back guarantee. The jewelry store/website also needs to be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Saucy Workout Ideas

workoutideasFor those who want to lose the flab and get fab, lose the sag and get sexy, there has to be a more fun and interesting way to do it aside from getting cut up and sewn back together in a tummy tuck surgery (read more here), or getting tortured by the machines in the gym.

One could almost wish that watching a movie, going shopping, getting a massage, or making love, burned the same amount of calories as running on the treadmill. But what if there was a form of exercise that is as physical as a hundred squats but (almost) as sexy as sex? Belly dancing, aerobic striptease, and pole dancing are workouts that battle the bulge and unleash your inner minx.

Belly dancing originated in the Middle East and North Africa, and features a lot of undulating abdominal movements. The dance itself actually involve not just the belly, but the hips, shoulders and arms too. The outfits used during such classes involve bikini tops or cropped tops, harem pants with a tinkly and sequin-y sash wrapped around the hips. The music is haunting and exotic, which with the graceful and sinuous movements, creates an over-all effect that is hypnotic and seductive, in the tradition of the infamous Salome.

Aerobic striptease is a brainchild of Carmen Electra, whose qualifications are not limited to being a Baywatch babe. She is a trained dancer of considerable ability. While the DVD series take you from beginner to advanced level, and include warm-ups, techniques, strip-tease basics, role playing, and lap dances. They seem to be legit exercises with heaps of extra added spice.

But probably the most challenging of this trio is pole dancing. Getting on that pole is tough. This is no easy feat and requires considerable training to strengthen the upper body and core in order to execute the most basic moves. It is part dance, part seduction, part gymnastics, and part acrobatics. The masters of this have finely honed, gorgeously toned bodies, and have breathtaking control of their movements.

Any of these sexy exercise alternatives can give work you out and work you up, making you hot enough to melt an icy Calgary winter.

No Gains in Varicose Veins

varicose veins pittsburghNearly 50% of people older than 60 are affected by varicose veins—veins that are bloated and more often can be spotted swollen underneath the skin. They are usually dark purple or blue in color and are mostly found in the leg at the backside of the calves. The dilated, swollen or thickened parts of the vein are known as varicosities.

Varicose Veins are veins that are filled with blood which means that they do not function efficiently as normal veins. Their appearance is quite similar to a rope and anyone can easily notice them at a distance. When a person is suffering from varicose veins, it could mean one might be having blood circulation problems—blood flowing to the heart might have reduced to some point.

The work of veins is usually to take deoxygenated blood back to the heart for oxygenation. To achieve this, the leg veins have to withstand gravitational pressure. This may cause the small valves to weaken thus causing blood to accumulate in the leg. The veins will look dark purple or blue since they lack oxygen.

Sometimes varicose veins develop with age. Veins of older people tend to have weak valves with reduced elasticity. The disease can sometimes run in the family meaning that it can be hereditary. A person may be born with abnormal leaking valves in their veins causing the bulging of the vein to the outside. The common cause is genetic according to experts at Advanced Vein Center in  Pittsburgh. On top of that pregnancy, or standing for a long period of time can also be connected to varicose veins. Pregnancy enhances blood flow to the body but hinders upward flow from the leg to the heart. The baby in the belly puts pressure on the legs weakening vein valves.

These symptoms may not be easy to overturn. Nevertheless, one will need treatment from a health specialist in order to restore the vein back to its normal condition. Sclerotherapy treatment will facilitate the redirection of the blood flow to the heart. It involves elimination of spider veins to improve the flow of blood by healthy veins. Removal may take an average of 30 minutes depending with the condition of the leg. It is very rare for a patient who has undergone spider vein removal to report any cases of side effects. However, one may feel a temporary bruises and fatigue.

Can weight lose help in combating varicose vein? Well, weight may heighten the symptoms of the condition to some extent. Overweight people tend to exert a lot of pressure to the leg while standing. So weight lose and body work out may help prevent varicose veins.

Anyone with varicose symptoms should consult a physician straight away. Research has revealed that leaking of fluid into the skin tissue can cause skin ulcers. Thrombosis and Phlebitis are also associated with untreated varicose veins. Many people do not seek medical treatment thinking that the condition a normal condition for aged people. The truth is that you can get yours treated varicose veins by qualified experts. Even the slightest hint of varicose veins should be a red flag and reported to the doctor.

Buying Clothing for Your Boyfriend

If you find that you are interested in a man, you are likely interested in what he wears. This is the truth for everyone who is dating a man. If you want to buy clothing for him though, there are some things you need to know first. Here are some tips for anyone who is buying clothes for a boyfriend.

First, you have to be realistic about whether he will wear what you buy. If he likes manalive clothing, is he really going to be comfortable in that Hugo Boss suit you insist he have? Probably not. Be sensitive to his opinions. After all, he is the one who will be wearing the clothes.

Next, you have to know his sizes. Men’s clothing is sized differently from women’s clothing, so don’t waste your time shopping if you have no idea what his measurements are.

Beginner’s Basics for DJs

Beginner's Basics for DJsSome people know what they want to be at an early age – a doctor, a lawyer or maybe a teacher. But there are cases where you stumble into it, discovering a passion later in life, like deciding to become a DJ. This is a much more complicated course to take than say investing in an out-of-the-box business option like a New Jersey photo booth rentals. But an appreciation for different kinds of music along with a creative streak will go a long way towards becoming a great DJ.

Scout the music scene to get a feel for the trade. The obvious place to go would be clubs and bars, observe someone at work so you’ll know if you’re up to the job. You can also check out music shops to become familiar with instruments such as monitor speakers, audio interface and of course, headphones. Most shops allow you to play around with the display sets before you actually purchase a unit. While there are affordable brands, the equipment still doesn’t come cheap so it’s best to check them out before actually buying one.

If you have a friend who actually DJs for a living, then you’ll get a definite break because you can watch the guy in action and learn a thing or two. Like most everything else, you can also check out video tutorials online to help you learn more or try out free softwares that contain all you need to know about the job. You can experiment with creating live mixes and producing high quality sound effects that will suit any club hosting. If you have money saved up, enroll in a DJ course so you’ll have combined equipment and skills training.

Lastly, you’ll need to practice what you’ll be doing for a living. So create varied mixes, buy your instruments and get used to handling them. One of your critical purchases would be to get excellent headphones. This is an important device because your work revolves around it – listening to recordings and mixes and monitoring sound effects. Your set should accurately reproduce a material so that you can determine if a specific mix requires additional work or not.

Fostex headphones give you a great alternative with several models. All units are guaranteed to provide excellent sound quality and come in a sophisticated make. Their RP series gives clear, natural sounds all across the frequency range with full bass and highs. What distinguishes these headphones from other brands is the sound quality that they produce at high pressure levels. Most units struggle at high pressures but this series handles it just fine – powerful audio and free of distortion. This is specifically needed for DJing which is why you should invest in Fostex, because it will give you a much needed advantage over other competitors. If you can’t afford to buy other equipment because your budget’s too tight, you can always consider renting out other devices at shops like the QSC speaker rental NY.